Yoga Balls for Stability and Strength Building

You might have come across the term “yoga balls” pretty often when you engage in conversations related to fitness. They are also known as stability balls and are often used for stability training. They also build your core muscles. They are versatile and they are not used for yoga only just because they are called “yoga balls”. They can often be found in gyms, rehab centers, and fitness classes as well. 

One of the main benefits associated with yoga balls is that it forces your body to remain stable on the ball while doing the exercises. So, it makes a large range of muscles engage in physical exercises. So, with the assistance of a yoga ball, you can get stronger muscles over some period of time. You will be able to make your core muscles stronger with the help of yoga ball exercises. 

Things to consider when purchasing a yoga ball

It is always imperative to consider a couple of things before purchasing a yoga ball. First, the size of the yoga ball should fit the size of the body and the type of exercises you intend to perform. For instance, some yoga exercises require a yoga ball the size of 25 cm

In general, all the yoga balls are manufactured with anti-slip materials. That ensures a better grip when you perform exercises. Also, they can tolerate your bodyweight without any hassle. 

How to use a yoga ball? 

Pretty much all novice yoga enthusiasts are doubtful when it comes to using a yoga ball. When you use it for the first time, it is pretty natural to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Also, you feel like you cannot trust the ball to hold your weight. But as you go on, you can gain better confidence and learn how to use a yoga ball properly to make the best out of it. 

You will be thrilled to know that your abs and legs contract when you lie on your yoga ball. As a result, you will not fall off the ball. The intensity of the exercise is likely to increase as you perform the exercise with the yoga ball. As you practice, you can perform different types of exercises with more confidence. 

Some benefits and uses of yoga balls 

Here are some of the benefits associated with yoga balls. 

  • You can use it for weight training 
  • You can use it as a weight bench and gain stronger abs, legs, and butt. 

  • Improved posture 
  • When you sit on the exercise ball, you can expect to gain a better posture. You will be able to sit on it and perform some of your usual routine such as watching television or play a computer game. 

  • Gain stronger core muscles 
  • You can perform oblique twists as well and crunches using a yoga ball. So, that will engage all the muscles in the abdomen region. 

    In addition to that, you can use yoga balls to perform Pilate’s routines as well. in addition to that, you can use them to play some fun games, especially with kids.