600ML Electric Blender Shaker
600ML Electric Blender Shaker
600ML Electric Blender Shaker
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600ML Electric Blender Shaker

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Stir your DIY drinks instantly with the amazing blender! Made with high-quality, food-grade material so it is safe and easy to clean after use. It's fully automatic and features a super powerful mixing, you'll have your drink ready in a few. Easy to use and leakproof so you won't have trouble with spills.


Battery-Operated: You can carry and use it anywhere even without electricity (battery not included). Just carry it in your gym bag along with your smoothie ingredients and prepare a freshly blended beverage anywhere you go.
Large Capacity: With its large-capacity, mix up to 600ml of your favorite refreshing drink to indulge with after your workout. Prepare your favorite smoothie in a generous amount with one go!

Product Details:

Material: PC+PP+ABS
Size: 20 x 8.5 cm
Capacity: 600 ml

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