Push Up Grip Stand
Push Up Grip Stand
Push Up Grip Stand
Push Up Grip Stand
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Push Up Grip Stand

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Increase the difficulty level of your push-ups with this amazing Push Up Grip Stand. Train your upper limbs, chest, and deltoid muscles in the comfort of your own home. The striking color combination makes it visible in the dark and avoids accidents or injuries. Made from high-grade ABS material that's durable, sturdy, and long -lasting. 


Foam Handle and Bottom: The grip is covered with a soft and moisture-wicking foam while the bottom features an anti-slip coating which prevents it from slipping and ensures your floor, carpet, or tiles will not be damaged.
Removable Design: The PVC material can be disassembled anytime when not in use. 

Product Details:

Material: ABS
Maximum Load: 300kg
Size: 22*13*8cm

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